What are SWFs?

So, you've come to this site, and you're like: Ok, now Shringo is abbreviating random stuff, wasting  his time with another site, and I don't even know what SWF's are! Well, if you are thinking that, you would be wrong! I will answer all of these things! Here it goes:

What are SWF's?

Well, SWF's are all of the parts of the website, that form together, and make a whole! For example, your player card and interface are all one swf, then there's other SWF's for your backgrounds, and also ones for rooms around the island. Here is an example of an SWF:

See how your penguin isn't there, there's no speech bubbles, chat bars, or anything? That's because the town is one specific SWF!

Why did you make this site?

I made this site for a couple reasons. One, is actually to store the SWF's that I found, and keep them in a place where I knew I could find them next time! The next reason is because since SWF's are helpful to people for sneak-peaks, some exclusives, and just interesting topics, I decided to make a database with all of the SWF's I could find!